High Dan Promotion Test

  1. 1. Dan to be applied for : 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Dan
  2. 2. Qualification of applicants
    • Those who have met the requirements for time passage and age in the Article 8 of the Requlations of Kukkiwon Dan Promotion Test
  3. 3. Term limits & ages
    Dan/Cls. Time passage required since
    the Promotion of the present Dan
    Age limit
    7th ~ 8th Dan 8 years (Those promoted to
    7th Dan on June 30, 2004 or earlier)
    44 years old or higher
    (Born on June 30, 1968 or earlier)
    8th ~ 9th Dan 9 years (Those promoted to
    8th Dan on June 301, 2003 or earlier)
    53 years old or higher
    (Born on June 30, 1959 or earlier)
  4. 4. Contents of tests
    Dan/Cls. Thesis Poomsae Kyorugi Kyukpa Interview
    8th, 9th Dan O O X X O
  5. 5. Time for Poomsae training and time for practical tests
    • 1) Date and place: June 02, 2012 (Sat) 08:40, Kukkiwon arena
  6. 6. Kinds of Poomsae to be tested
    • a. Poomsae training: 09:00-09:50
    • b. Opening ceremony: 10:00-10:15
    • c. Practical tests (Subject to change according to the number of applicants)
      (1) Poomsae, Kyorugi and Kyukpa for promotion to 6th &7th Dan: 10:20~
      (2) Poomsae and Interview for promotion to 8th and 9th Dan: 10:20~
  7. 7. Kinds of Poomsae to be tested
    Poom/Dan Qualifications Applicant
    8th Dan Sipjin, Jitae, Cheonkwon (1 appointed) Hansoo
    9th Dan Sipjin, Jitae, Hansoo (1 appointed) Illyo
  8. 8. Theme of the thesis
    • a. Documents to be submitted
    • b. Size of the thesis: at least 10 A4-sized (one A4-size = 700 characters) pages in Korean or English. Over 200 word with 40 pages by manuscript.
    • c. Applicant cannot pass the test in the following cases:
      (1) The title of the thesis does not relate with the content.
      (2) The thesis includes content not good enough.
      (3) The size of the thesis is not long enough.
      (4) Two or more applicants submit the same thesis.
  9. 9. Submit documents
    • a. One application form for promotion test
    • b. Apply to 8th, 9th Dan with application recommendation by a Taekwondo master holding 9th Dan or higher or president of the member national association of the WTF in the pertinent country
    • c. Curriculum vitae that includes the martial arts career
    • d. Foreigners of Korean origin should submit a document that certifies his/her residence outside Korea.
  10. 10. Other matters
    • 1) ID card: ID card, passport or driver's license(Other than these will not be considered an ID card and thus cannot apply for the test.)
    • 2) Applicants should wear WTF-recognized Taekwondo uniform.
  11. 11. Contact International Business Team to schedule