Taekwondo Demo Team Introduction

01. About 70 members who are the top Taekwondo practitioners in the world in skill and tradtion / 02. Established in 1974 World Demonstration tours in around 100 countries. / 03. Contribute to spreading Korean culture all civil Diplomatic corps.

Taekwondo Demonstration, the essence of the Taekwondo Kukkiwon Demonstration Team taking the lead.

The Kukkiwon Demonstration team is composed of 70 members including Teawondo and instructors with at least 5th Dan competency. Established in 1974, the team functions as a diplomatic corps that is committed to globalizing and spreading the Taekwondo culture, touring more than 100 countries all over the world.

As a civil diplomatic corps, the team has been conducting demonstration tours around 10 countries every year in order to introduce and spread Taekwondo and the Korean culture world wide. The demonstrations performed abroad and in welcoming important people visiting Korea are superior diplomatic activities in themselves. Such performances enhance Taekwondo's global appeal and the value of Korean culture. In addition, the team presents a new model of Taekwondo demonstration that sticks to the traditional ways but at the same time adapts to changes whenever necessary. It also contributes to the tourism industry by planning and performing regular demonstrations for international tourists visiting Korea.