I have a Dan certificate. How do I make an inquiry of the Dan certificate?
- Telephone : We will let you know if you telephone us, and inform your personal information.
- Fax : If you want to know the number of people's Dan certificate number, please fax us (+82-2-552-3025)
I would like to get a reissue of the Poom (Dan) certificate. What is the procedure for it?
- Required document : Photo (x1), Name, Resident registration number
- Fee : Conversion (8,000 won), Correction (8,000 won), Small Certificate (4,000 won), Large Certificate(4,000 won)
- Hours : 09:00 ~ 18:00 , Lunch time - 12:00 ~ 13:00
- Processing time : 10 minutes
- Location : 10 minutes walk from the Exit No. 12, Kangnam subway station (For detailed information, please refer to "Kukkiwon location" at the hompage)
I would like to get a reissue of the Poom (Dan) certificate by mail.
- In order to request it by mail, the following items required; photo (x1), resident registration no., telephone no., address, name, and the fee
- Address : Kukkiwon, 635, Yoksam-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul 135-908, Korea
Is there an age limit for the conversion of Poom to the Dan?
- There is an age limit for the conversion. For Poom 1st ~ 3rd , you have to be over 15 years old, and you have to be over 18 years old for above Poom 4th .
I would like to know more about the teaching programs conducted by Kukkiwon.
- Please refer to "teacher training" under the "Training Institute" menu in our Website. For other inquiry, telephone the training institute
- Please make an inquiry at Korea Taekwondo Association (+82-2-420-4271) for the successful candidate announcement
How can I change the personal information appeared on the Dan certificate?
1. For correction
  - If you have the original Dan certificate : the original Dan certificate and resident registration number are required
  - If you do not have the original Dan certificate : Identification card and resident registration number are required
2. If your legal name has been changed then provide a certificate showing your previous and current names
3. Other issuing matters are same as the reissuing procedure
What is the difference between general Dan and Kukkiwon Dan?
Kukkiwon Dan is officially recognized Taekwondo Dan, and it is issued at the world Taekwondo Headquarters, Kukkiwon through a fair screening process.
Kukkiwon Dan is issued to people through a thorough examination, and the people acquired Kukkiwon Dan will be registered at Kukkiwon. Only people have acquired Taekwondo Dan through Kukkiwon will be eligible to participate in Olympics and other events. You will receive an honorable treatment from Taekwondo practicians according to your Dan, and you can be qualified to teach Taekwondo through our teaching programs.
On the other hand, general Dan is designed and issued by privates and unofficial groups to get the same privileges as the Kukkiwon Dan. These General Dan is not registered at Kukkiwon, and an honorable treatment can not be expected. Also, pupils are not eligible for Kukkiwon Dan
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