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Notice for the Promotion Test Help information
Notice for the promotion test to abroad
We truly appreciate your dedication for the taekwondo development and helping to spread it throughout the world.
This notice is to introduce the new online application method for the Poom/Dan promotion test since March 01, 2006. The changes of application form and payment method are followed below; therefore, please read the direction carefully and follow them.

[Poom/Dan certificate form/style change]

1. Big Poom/Dan : the changed certificate is issued by a laser beam printer.
2. Small Poom/Dan : the changed certificate is issued with a plastic card.

We receive the application by either post mail or online.
1. Mail - Please send application forms with registration fee
   a. Fill out the application form. It is based on the attached new style application
      form, which is on the Kukkiwon homepage. You must fill out in type using a
      typewriter or a computer in English capital letters.
   b. The payment has to be made by a check/money order or on-line account
      remittance to the account. The account number is informed below at No 2 / b.

2. Online - Please fill out the application form over the Internet and make a payment by
    on-line account remittance.
   a. Fill out of the application form. You must follow the online application procedure
      attached below.
      * If you have any problem with the online application form, please send it by post.
    b. Payment by online account remittance.
        Bank name : Korean exchange Bank kangnam station branch.
        Account name : Kukkiwon
        Account number : 057-13-17131-1
        SWIFT Cord : KOEXKRSE

      * Once the online payment is completed for the register fee, you must send the receipt
        to the International Department of Kukkiwon by fax or e-mail.

We wish you the best health.

Kukkiwon International Dep.

The procedure of online application for Poom/Dan promotion test
1. Apply
Access to the Kukkiwon website( Move to an English version, click “promotion test” on the Menu, and log in. Membership registration is required for the login. Apply for the qualification of Association/Federation recommendation instructor.

2. Qualification approval
The qualification will be approved with its correct recognition of the application by the international Department.

3. Identification photo scan
Please scan applicant’s identification photo and save it to a JPG file.

4. Redo promotion test login shown at No 1.

5. Fill out the application form
Fill out the application form with the personal information such as nationality, name, date of birth, current and applied Poom/Dan level, telephone number, and address etc. Attach (Upload) an image file of an identification photo.

6. Check the Poom/Dan payment registration fee
The total amount of registration fees needs to be calculated dependent on the number of each Poom/Dan application.

7. Payment on account
Make a payment on the bank account in the guidance and send the copy of receipt to the International Department at Kukkiwon by Fax or e-mail.

8. Poom/Dan Issue
If the payment is confirmed, the certificates will be issued and delivered to you as soon as possible.